Brent Keys is a 4th generation homebuilder with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Within the past 10 years Keys and his affiliates have developed and/or built over 1,500 units in the Pacific Northwest. His multi-faceted experience includes large-scale multi-family development, residential subdivision development, and single family, which is his passion. One thing that sets Keys apart from other builders is his keen eye for style and quality of craftsmanship, resulting in truly exemplary homes.



Recently, his work primarily consists of in-fill development in neighborhoods in North, Northeast and Southeast Portland. Using a contemporary design aesthetic and premium materials, Keys is redefining homebuilding and neighborhood improvement. The quality of the details and finishes of the homes are exquisite, which is what sets Brent Keys apart from other homebuilders in the area. It’s not just another house – it’s more of an art form for him. We’re excited about our upcoming projects – we’re really continuing to push the envelope in design, aesthetic, and quality, and we hope consumers will be equally as thrilled as we are.